What is a short shifter and why do I need one?

What is a short shifter

Those that live for the thrill of driving a performance car, often choose a vehicle with a manual transmission. Sure, auto gearboxes have come a long way. But there is still nothing like the driving experience and added control of shifting gears yourself. In fact, there is only one thing better than a car with a manual gearbox and that is one fitted with a quality short shifter!

A well modified car engages all the senses. Whether it be a JDM, muscle car or sports car, it’s not just about how it looks and how it sounds, but also what it “feels” like to drive and the shifter is a huge (but sometimes neglected) part of this experience.

What are the benefits of a short shifter? In the simplest form, it is a shifter that has been especially designed to reduce the distance the driver has to move the shift lever, to change gears. But a well designed and built short shifter offers a lot more than just shorter throw and quicker shifts. We all know that car manufacturers not only build cars down to a price, but also design them to suit the greatest number of potential buyers. At CUBE Speed we are self confessed “shifter nerds” and we design our shifters to improve all aspects of the shifting experience. Not only do our shifters reduce throw distance, they have a solid mechanical feel and a very defined “H” pattern gate that makes it almost impossible to miss a gear and make it very obvious as to which gear you are in.

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