About Us

CUBE Speed – short shifters, shifter bushes, gear knobs and suspension bushings

Who We Are

Since 2010 the team at CUBE Speed, have been designing and manufacturing world class short shifters, shifter bushes and gear knobs for manual gearboxes!

CUBE Speed short shifter, shifter bushes & suspension bushes - Design W58 R154 IS300

We live and breathe car modifying, just like you!

Our team is dedicated to providing you with outstanding products, at realistic prices. Including short shifters, shifter bushes, gear knobs and now suspension bushes! Over the years CUBE has built a formidable team dedicated to design, development, fabrication & outstanding customer service.

But don’t just take our word for it! We have a ton of glowing reviews from customers on Facebook, Insta, YouTube & Google.

Founded by Richard Marshall who was born with petrol/gas running through his veins. He has completed numerous car builds, engine swaps & trans conversions. In fact any car he owns, never stays stock for long (much to his wife’s despair!)

At CUBE Speed we understand the enjoyment, satisfaction & control that comes with shifting gears yourself. Using a high quality short throw shifter on your favourite 5 speed or 6 speed manual transmission. Sure, modern automatic transmissions have come a long way. But there is still nothing like the thrill of the perfect rev matched downshift, selecting the ideal gear ratio & engaging the clutch in preparation for that satisfying push in the back as you accelerate out of the next corner.

During the design & development process, of making world class stick shifts, we turn into total “short shifter nerds”. To create the best possible driver experience. We carefully consider all aspects. Not only shifter throw, but also other super important elements such as noise transfer,  shifter centring, accuracy of gear lever movement (both front to rear and side to side). All of which adds up to making the shifter gate as defined as possible. So you have no doubt of which gear you are in when you release the clutch (no chance of accidentally selecting reverse gear!)

CUBE Speed short shifter, shifter bushes & suspension bushes - machining Skyline R32 R33 R34 parts